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Holiday Hours


783 Radio Dr. Suite 114

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4th Annual Gear Swap

Saturday and Sunday, February 23 and 24


Come browse the swap on Saturday and Sunday!  Make sure to bring cash or a check.  Credit cards will not be accepted.


Drop off your equipment Tuesday, February 20th through Saturday, February 24th during store hours.  Complete the Seller Information Sheet (available at EAST SIDE Lacrosse) and price your equipment as you wish.  Please indicate on the Seller Information Sheet if you wish to donate the items.  Your choice to donate items if unsold, will not be made public.  EAST SIDE Lacrosse will store your equipment and display it during the gear swap on Saturday and Sunday. 

Items excluded: cleats and clothing are not allowed in the swap. 

For best results, clean the gear and remove all personalization. 

After the Sale:

After the sale, pick-up your money and/or unsold items before 7 PM on Monday or your equipment will be donated.  EAST SIDE recommends that you pick up your unsold equipment as soon as possible, but not before 3 PM on Sunday. 


Sellers are able to donate any unsold items.  Please indicate on the Seller Information Sheet if you wish to donate the items.  Your choice to donate items if unsold, will not be made public.  EAST SIDE Lacrosse will re-purpose the equipment to a new/growing youth lacrosse association in need.  Your gear will help another lacrosse player that shares your same passion.  This is a great way to give back to the game and to help lacrosse grow locally.

Any remaining unsold items will automatically be donated if not picked up by Monday at 7 PM.



a. All transactions are between the seller and buyer. 

b. EAST SIDE Lacrosse is not taking any portion of the sale from the seller or buyer.

c. Transactions will be cash or check made payable to the seller.

d. EAST SIDE Lacrosse, its’ owners and staff are only providing a venue for the equipment swap and does not endorse, guarantee or make any claims to the safety or durability of any lacrosse equipment sold through the swap. 

e. All sales are between the buyer and seller only.  Minnesota State sales tax is the responsibility of the seller.

f. Lacrosse is a dangerous sport; sticks, balls and people move at high speeds.  Collisions are part of the game and can result in life-threatening injuries, even death.