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Team Orders

Sorry for the long read, but if you have been recently appointed to your lacrosse booster organization (Congratulations!) and you are in charge of acquiring lacrosse equipment and uniforms, this is for you!  We hope it helps, contact us if you have any questions and we'll make you look like a hero!


We have access to over a dozen uniform, apparel and gear vendors.  We will gladly provide you a quote for any and all of your team needs whether custom or not.  We do offer great competitive pricing with exceptional service.  Our ability to offer team pricing is highly based on quantity and item(s).

In regards to uniforms, most carry multiple stock options with several customization options, to the fully sublimated, totally custom uniform.  With sublimation, your imagination is your limitation!

Along with uniforms, we do practice reversible jerseys, shorts, shooter shirts, warm-up wear, fan wear, custom gear, bags, socks, hats, etc.. You name it, if a logo can be placed on it, we likely do it!

We are a full service store and will provide you a final product with your artwork sublimated, screened or embroidered.  However, if you rather do the artwork yourself, we are happy to provide you the merchandise so that you can screen or embroider it through your own contacts.  We are happy to help you either way.

If we are decorating it for you, we do ask that you provide us artwork in a vector file as well as a jpeg or pdf. If you only have the artwork in non-vector format, we will charge an art work redraw fee.  The fee is dependent on the existing file and the complexity of the artwork.

Important Custom Order Information

When ordering uniforms, gloves, bags, etc., many of these items are made overseas and most lacrosse teams order right around the same time.  This allows for all sorts of potential delays such as, too many orders at the same time, National holidays in the country of fabrication, transit time (usually by boat), custom border issues, etc.  Because of this, we request that you consider your absolute "must have" due date and allow yourself a two week buffer. We have a really good idea how long something will take and where it is being made.  So, let us know early what you are considering and when you need them by and we will tell you when you need to place your final order by. 

Here is an example:  Gloves typically take 12 weeks (dependent on the time of year) and your first game is April 15th (your absolute must have date).  Therefore, you should request the gloves by April 1st (the boys need to break them in before the big game right!).  From there, work backwards 12 weeks and you need to place your order by January 1st which is during the Holiday season.  We know that most suppliers close 12/24 to 1/1 (or later if the 1st is Thursday - Sunday).  We like to give ourselves at least a one week buffer as well.  So, in this case we would strongly advise you to place your glove order by 12/17.  One more thing, some companies do there custom stuff in batches where they have assigned cut off dates and expected return dates.  Those dates are set in stone and ES Lacrosse will communicate those dates during your initial inquiry.  

I have coached for many years and ordered many custom items for my teams and others.  I know what it’s like to not be playing with your custom gloves, helmets, uniforms or warm-ups, ES lacrosse does not want to be a part of that either. Help us help you!